US AIRBAG is committed to participant and operator safety.

We provide licenses for use of our AIRBAGs to Ski/Snowboard Resorts, Production Studios, Adventure Races, Festivals/Fairs, Large and Small Corporations, Training Facilities, and Private Parties interested in using our AIRBAG for their active-outdoor purposes. Our AIRBAG Squad handles all of the consulting, planning, and sales of our various US AiRBAG licenses and we genuinely believe in our product, brand, and movement to supply AiRBAGs to our vast and diverse clientele.
Our public-use licensing opportunities are geared towards facilities in the United States looking to introduce a US AIRBAG experience the public in charge participants for jumping onto the US AIRBAG. With these clients we aim to establish a long-term servicing relationship to maintain the safe, fun, and repeatable experience participants have known to enjoy.
US AIRBAG’s Private-Use licenses are for individuals, teams, closed-set production studios, and other individuals or companies not interested in opening the AIRBAG to the general public and will not be charging participants for individual access to the AIRBAG.

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