Freefalling at Erie County Fair


The Airbag Squad has three days left before they leave for the next event in Nebraska! Show your support and jump at your local county fair before it’s too late! For those who would like to skip the line at the EC Fair, you can pre-purchase your jumps here:
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Look Up Camp Bisco!


Cause we’re coming in hot! The Airbag Squad has already departed from good ol’ Minnesota to head all the way to the Big Apple. If you’re looking to enhance your Camp Bisco experience… I would give the FreeFall Xperience a shot! We’ll be posted up at the 27′ high scaffold tower that will be hard to miss, so come join us between music performances from The Disco Biscuits, Bassnectar, Passion Pit, Umphrees, Flux, Macklemore, Zeds Dead, Baauer and a whole lot more!

If you’d like to buy jumps now, you can skip the line when you […]

Airbag Squad coming Cavendish Beach Music Festival!


Heads up! Airbag Squad is hanging out on the East Coast getting ready for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival this week. Make sure you say hi to the Squad this weekend between music sets by popular artists such as Kenny Chesney, Dixie Chicks, Little Big Town, Emerson Drive, and a lot more!

If you would like to purchase your jumps early and skip the line at the event…
Click Here for Tickets!//


Happy Jumpings!

*Airbag Squad […]

Jump of Fame: Randy Houser’s Guitarist


Randy Houser was unable to jump himself but his guitarist was able to! Rocking out at Country Jam Colorado over the weekend of June 21st.

Happy Jumpings!


*Airbag Squad […]

Why all ski resorts should have an airbag


Tom Ross, a columnist for Steamboat Today, analyzes the airbag and how it can positively benefit ski resorts around the US. A long time skier from the state of Wisconsin, Ross talks about how he sees having an airbag at  a ski resort is the future for the industry. Furthermore, he believes that although the future is “up in the air”, he will “wager that at least part of it is in the air bag.”

To find out more on what Tom Ross has to say about the U.S. Airbag, read his article here.

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Airbag Squad En Route to Big Red Music Festival


O Canada! The Airbag Squad is on their way to the Big Red Music Festival over at Prince Edward Island this weekend! Big Red Music Festival will take place on June 28th – July 1st and they have a lot in store for all those going. Be sure to give the Freefall XP a shot this weekend for those who are about to jam out with Metric, Hedley, Great Big Sea, R5, Ludacris, Paper Lions, Mo Kenney, and more. Take a break between the artists with an experience that you’ll never forget. Live it up at Big Red and freefall […]

US Airbag at Country Fest (Cadott, WI) June 27-30


Who’s ready for Country Fest 2013? The Airbag Squad is on their way! This will be the second stop of our 2013 summer nationwide tour, US Airbag is proud to announce that it will be at Country Fest in Wisconsin this week.

From June 27-30, the Squad will be letting participants jump off a 27’ high platform, straight onto our 50’ x 50’ giant inflatable airbag-the softest airbag in the country! Country stars such as Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, Toby Keith, and Jason Aldean will be performing this weekend so be sure to take a break between […]

US AIRBAG is at Country Jam in Colorado this weekend!


This weekend kicks off our Freefallxp summer! US AIRBAG is at Country Jam in Colorado this weekend.   We are set up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June, 21, 22,23).   Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry and many other Country artists will be there.  Don’t forget to come jump between your favorite artists!  We will be jumping all weekend.

Happy Jumpings!

The Airbag Squad […]

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