12/21-12/23 Raging Buffalo and Wilmot Mtn Stops Pending Snow-Cover

Weather here in the Midwest has proved more troublesome than expected… Warm weather temperatures in Illinois and Wisconsin have forced us to post-pone this weekend’s demo stops at Raging Buffalo and Wilmot Mountain until further notice.

We are actively working with the management teams of both ski areas to find a way to open to the public, but at the moment neither location has sufficient snow-cover to construct the jump to hit the AIRBAG leaving us with no possible way of bringing the experience to these mountains!

If you have already pre-registered for one of these stops online, contact US AIRBAG on our office line at 530-725-8411 m-f 9-5 and we’ll do our best to put smiles back on your faces!!

Until then, think snow – The US AIRBAG crew needs it!

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